Forefoot pain located under the sole of the foot and exhibiting a hardening of the skin or callosity because the joint heads at toes 2-5 press down in the sole of the foot.

This may be due to severe hammer toe deformities which involves the toes going out from the “joint” and lying above the joint heads, which in turn are pressed down into the sole of the foot.

This condition is difficult to treat with insoles, and filing or cutting off the calluses is pointless as they quickly reappear. Sometimes various relief operations need to be performed that will result in reduced pressure in the sole of the foot.

Often the toes are fixed with a pin which is pulled out after about 5 weeks. The procedure is performed after a foot block procedure, and it can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the scope, i.e. how many toes are to be operated on. The patient may put weight on the foot after the operation according to ability.

Sick leave is about 6-8 weeks. Swelling and feelings of discomfort may persist for several months after such extensive forefoot surgery. Sometimes it takes up to a year before the patient feels completely restored.