Questions & Answers

We have collected here many of the questions we often receive from our patients. We understand that you may have many thoughts and questions before undergoing an operation. If you have any questions that you do not find answered here, please email them to us. We promise to answer within a few days. You can also ask your question in the question form below if your question is more general. 

When can I start walking on my foot after surgery??

You may put weight on your foot immediately as you are able.

What does a clinic visit or operation cost?

As a specialist visit, SEK 300. If you have a free pass, it is free of charge.

Do I need to have crutches after surgery?

Generally no.

How long should I keep my foot raised after surgery?

The first 1-2 days are most important to reduce the swelling after the operation.

Do you have long waiting times for clinic visits and surgeries?

No, short times for clinic visits and surgeries.

Is a referral required to come and see you?

No, you can ring on your own and book an appointment.

How much sick leave is required?

Sick leave varies depending on the surgery, but it is between 3-7 weeks.

Can I begin working before the sick leave comes to an end?

This is of course possible if you have a sedentary job, for example. Each patient decides on his or her own when to return to work based on the discomfort remaining after surgery.

Do you do knee surgery?

No, we dont. 

When can I drive a car?

A few days after surgery, but most people wait for about a week.

Does it hurt to be operated on? Is there a lot of pain afterwards?

No, the anesthetic means that you do not feel any pain during the operation. Afterwards, it aches for about 1-2 days, but all patients receive a prescription for painkillers that make the pain bearable.

How long should I take my painkillers after surgery?

Usually it is enough to take painkillers for a few days after surgery, possibly up to a week.

When can I start exercising after surgery?

Light exercise such as cycling or strength training of the upper body tends to work well about 3 weeks after operation. You can then progressively increase the weight on your foot according to how you feel.

What do I do when I take a shower?

Plastic bag around the foot, tape with duct tape so that the bandage does not get wet.