Pain and infection in the edge of the nail can be operated on in difficult cases through removal of the edge of the nail and nail matrix.

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, which means you can eat and drink as usual before the surgery.

The surgery takes about 20 minutes. The total time at the doctor’s office including preparations is about 1 hour. You should not drive yourself home after the surgery. Sick leave is about 10 days.

After the surgery you will have a large dressing. To make space for the foot you will need a special shoe/sandal which we sell at cost price. This shoe will also make it easier for you to walk after the surgery.

It is important for us to know whether you exhibit signs of infection, sore throat or fever before the surgery.

If the time of your appointment does not suit you, please call us immediately at: +46 (0)42-24 27 70.

During the first few days after the surgery, you should keep your foot raised as often as possible to minimize swelling, bleeding and thus impaired healing. The dressing should remain for about 10 weeks, and on the return visit the stitches are also removed.

The first day after the surgery, you may feel some pain, and therefore you will have a prescription for painkillers emailed to the pharmacy. You can pick this up at any pharmacy, and it should be obtained before the surgery.

Take the first tablets at least 1 hour before the surgery.

You should continue taking these tablets after the surgery as prescribed in the prescription. You can obtain further information about your surgery when you next visit us.