Book an appointment

To book an appointment, ring us at: +46 (0)42-24 27 70, Monday to Friday, between 12 noon to 17 pm
You can also contact us by telephone to explain your problem or if you have any questions.




You can book an appointment for assessment of your foot or your hand problem. You do not need a referral and you can refer yourself. The visit fee is SEK 300. If you have a free pass, it is free of charge. 


Only applies to patients from Region Skåne 
If we decide that we need to operate, you will get a surgery appointment immediately at the time of your clinic visit.


Applies to patients from counties other than Region Skåne
You do not need a decision in advance from your county for the clinic visit, since there is free health care choice in Sweden. However, you have pay for the trip down to the clinic yourself, as your home county will probably not pay for it.

If you are to have major surgery under general anesthetic, you will need a specialist care referral from the clinic manager at the orthopaedics department at your local hospital.


Bookings are only made over the phone.