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Here patients who are to undergo or who have already undergone surgery are able to download information sheets about what to think about prior to and after surgical procedures. For many patients who undergo major foot surgery this may entail a long period of sick leave and also several days of pain and discomfort and being confined to their beds.

We want to give you some advice as to what you can do yourself to simplify the post surgery phase.

Operations which involve pain and being confined to bed: – Ensure that you have sufficient food at home and enough for several days.
- If you live alone ask a friend or relative to help you during the first few days.
- Be prepared by making sure you have books, films, newspapers or other forms of entertainment readily accessible from your bed.

About Medications Some patients may experience nausea due to some of their medications. In this case it is advisable to consume easily digested foods such as yoghurt or soups. Ask your doctor about medication alternatives before your surgery.

Operations which result in swelling of the foot after surgery If you have a plaster cast you will be issued with a special shoe to wear until the cast is removed. After removal of the cast it is advisable to wear a soft shoe such as a slipper and preferably a size or two larger than your normal shoe size.

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